Welcome to Eastern Accountants

We Support & Care your business

We, at Eastern Accountants Ltd., are an elite team of qualified accountants, with over 10 years of experience in serving an enormous number of clients from different backgrounds and sectors, to meet their ultimate business objectives.

Our core areas of expertise are in the field of:

  • ⦁ Business Consultancy.
  • ⦁ Bookkeeping and Accountancy.
  • ⦁ Tax planning.
  • Statutory Annual Financial Accounts & Reports preparation.

We provide these services in a convenient modern manner, for instance: through regular client meetings, emails and calls. This has been one of our core values of always staying in touch with our clients, which is vital for a good relationship. Simultaneously, we make sure both us and our clients fulfil the statutory requirements and compliances. Our current clients are thriving, flourishing and prospering by maximizing their profits, improving their cost efficiency and growing their business by taking our services. Would you like to be the next one? We are exceptionally proud for our clients. Your success is our success. We pride ourselves as an excellent service provider to our clients. We continually dedicate vast attention to establishing long-term one-to-one client relationships and providing them numerous options to communicate with us as they require. We do not only endeavour to meet their mere needs but to do everything we can to facilitate them to grow into successful businesses. You can be one of them.

Our Core Values

  • ⦁ At Eastern Accountants, we believe in offering a flexible and a personalized service. Thus, we are easily approachable and available for most of the time.
  • ⦁ We believe that we are a vital part of your team to relief your business turmoil.
  • ⦁ We communicate regularly and provide essential information which our clients can use to make better business decisions.
  • ⦁ We work with our clients to care and support their business to achieve their goals.
  • ⦁ We also strive to accurately identify high-risk areas within your business and develop a constructive system to control that risk.
  • If you stay on track with us, you can refrain from unnecessary risks and enjoy your time and financial freedom.

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Our Fees Policy

All our services are offered on a fixed-fee basis and set at a very competitive rate. The fixed fee will be quoted after an initial meeting whilst reviewing your tax position.

We never begin work until you have approved the fee. Our fixed-fee system helps you to know in advance what your annual fees will be.

This fee is an all-inclusive package that deals with all your annual routine accountancy and tax work with no additional charges for administration, correspondence, telephone calls etc.

You will have the flexible option of paying in instalments or by monthly direct debits.

Packages are given separately.

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Our Clients & Our Promise

Our clients come from a truly vast, diverse range of backgrounds. We serve from small-scale sole traders, individual contractors and new start-ups to established mature businesses.

Each client is unique and treated according to their needs.

We are specialized in small owner-managed businesses, for instance: online retailers, contractors, chain food shops and restaurants.

Our Promise

We will passionately focus on your business and use our unique skills and expertise to interpret your numbers, providing you with quality financial information, which will undeniably help you to make better business decisions.

We never quibble about fees.

If you are not happy with our fees or services, please raise the issues so that we can minimize the expectation gap. Otherwise it’s quite simple: you don’t continue.

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