We offer free support for any technical issues for all our technologies and computer operated software. We can arrange a full course, training employers and employees alike, to be able to use the software effectively. We also offer professional support regarding these technologies via virtual webinars any time during our office hours. Please check our office opening times before making contact to our technical support team. For technical support, please call us on 0207 247 6565 during our office hours or write to us anytime on info@easternaccountants.com. You can also send a message via our website’s “contact us” page. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

Business Review Meeting

Eastern Accountants promises to deliver high-quality services so that it is of the greatest benefit to our clients. To upgrade, improve and enlarge your business to the next level, we are working alongside you with our multidisciplinary experience. We will be having deep understanding of your vision and potential opportunities.

As a valued customer, you will receive a compatible business review meeting with our expert once or twice (if necessary) in a year. During this meeting we will identify the followings

  • ⦁ Your urgent & critical issues.
  • ⦁ Opportunities, challenges and potential tax efficiencies.
  • ⦁ Strategic discussion about the present and subsequent direction of your organization.
  • ⦁ Growth and survival of a business based on cashflow management. We will have a critical discussion on cashflow planning. We will identify the potential cause and underlying issue for poor cashflow.

How The Business Review Meeting Can Help You?

Following the meeting, we will compose a manifesto (only if necessary) according to your need, for the business development and organisational improvement. Many other important outcomes of the review meeting include as follows:

  • ⦁ A clear understanding will help you to prioritise vision, develop a strategy to achieve your goal, for example, how much effort do you need against the target.
  • ⦁ A review meeting will help you to fashion serviceable organisational diagram, role and responsibilities. We’ll help you to constitute your business more sustainable and reliable for future challenge.
  • ⦁ Most importantly, following the review meeting, we will prepare cashflow forecast (when needed) that would help you to design and plan your cash cycle management to maximise your cashflow.


We love technologies for its efficiencies, transparencies and extremely rapid outcomes. We use the most sophisticated software, for instance, Xero for accounting, a type of internet-based computing called cloud computing for processing resources and data from one computer to another devices on demand, no matter wherever the location or time. Using the technology can help you to:

  • ⦁ Expect high efficiency in your organization.
  • ⦁ Reduce human error, save money and time.
  • ⦁ Make you more sustainable and saleable.
  • ⦁ Increase productivity by automatic repetitive task and workflow.
  • ⦁ Track your expenses and load them directly to your accounting software.
  • ⦁ Collaborate your accountant anytime anywhere.

How Eastern Accountants Can Help You to Benefit From Technology in Your Business?

  • ⦁ Our staffs are highly specialised in smart account software and we are committed to work alongside with you.
  • ⦁ Our experts will train your employee until they become an expert to use the software.
  • ⦁ Our professional department is ready to provide you support for 24/7 via phone or email or virtual video conference..

Business Health Check

A healthy business comprises of expected growth of business, profitability, sales value, peace in mind and long- term ambition. Business health check plays very important role to find out the easy way how well your business is doing, and highlight the areas that you are doing well and the areas that you are not doing very well. The business health check would aid you to focus on certain important issue you need to do next depending on the challenges and weather. It will reveal the financial position and cash flow, it will also reveal the factors affecting the profit margins.

Our experience and professional coaching are based on the helping our valued clients to transforming business for best outcomes by helping you to sustain your customers and upgrade your sale and marketing plan. Our robust tool for business health check can cover as follows:

  • ⦁ Financial management and forecast.
  • ⦁ Business strategy and planning.
  • ⦁ Team work.
  • ⦁ Sales and marketing.
  • ⦁ Customer service and support.

Like your physical body a healthy business is as important as a healthy body, it will give you peace of mind, bring you growth and prosperity in your organization. Speak to our expert directly for more information.